firm attachment

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The Emperor had sent a viceroy into this province, whose firm attachment to the Roman Church, as well as great abilities in military affairs, made him a person very capable of executing the orders of the Emperor, and of suppressing any insurrection that might be raised, to prevent those alterations in religion which they were designed to promote: a farther view in the choice of so warlike a deputy was that a stop might be put to the inroads of the Galles, who had killed one viceroy, and in a little time after killed this.
a firm attachment to the jaw via two to four implants,
I salute your resolution and your firm attachment to your homeland," said Rai, after holding Mass in the village's church, the largest in the area.
A fourth mechanism is by firm attachment to intestinal cells, thus making little room for harmful bacteria to interact with intestinal wall and finally probiotics produce antibiotic-like substances (called bacteriocins).
The salary scale meeting that we held with Berri yesterday evening did not bear any fruit," Mahfoud said, reiterating the UCC's firm attachment to the salary scale formula that's been agreed upon and which preserves employees' rights.
He also informed them on the Sahrawi populations firm attachment to the autonomy proposal as the only formula welcomed at the international level insisting that headways made in social development and infrastructure are evidence that Morocco is ushering the region on the path of modernization and democracy.
The hand jumar gives technicians a firm attachment point on the rope to attach a foot loop, as well as having a hand grip.
France repeats its firm attachment to religious freedom and freedom of
He added that "President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has always seized the opportunity, on the occasion during national, regional or international meetings, to point to the imperative of accelerating strides on the path of Maghreb edification, and renewed Tunisia's firm attachment to endeavour to consecrate this strategic choice.
When I was a graduate student with Umbreit, we, along with Pauline Holbert, demonstrated, using electron photomicrography, the firm attachment to, and degradation of, sulfur crystals by a pure culture of Z thiooxidans (W.
AaAaAa "Our party expresses its firm attachment to the legal provisions in force regulating entry into Morocco, a symbol of its national sovereignty," said a PAM statement on Wednesday, adding that the party "believes that any kind of violation of these provisions undermines this sovereignty, which would not be accepted by any country in the world.
This is the first step in a series of activities we will be holding in the coming days to express our firm attachment to our land and our rejection of this wall.