firm opposition

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Hollande maintained a firm opposition to the involvement of Assad.
6 percent in March, but it is still over 20 points behind the 44 percent by the current ruling party in the November 2011 elections and has not really improved despite their firm opposition to Catalan independence.
Vulin expressed Serbiaas firm opposition to the Hungaryas decision to build a border fence.
TOKYO, July 22 (KUNA) -- China has voiced strong discontent and firm opposition over Japan's annual defense white paper, saying it deliberately plays up the so-called "China military threat," state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.
RBC2 and the stop and study rule also sparked some chatter among attendees at NAFCU's Annual Conference in Montreal, some of whom voiced their firm opposition to RBC2 and uncertainty as to whether H.
Pakistan faced firm opposition from spirited Thai side and won the first half 2120 goals, followed by identical margin win in the following session for the much disappointment for a partisan home side which was anticipating its team victory, said the information made available here.
Although reiterating the Vatican's firm opposition to women priests, the draft calls on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to conduct a "thorough invetigation" of the question of women's admission to the diaconate.
I would like to put on the record again the Labor Party's firm opposition to any such measure" (Rebecca White, Hansard, 17 September2014).
12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the No on Proposition 46 campaign announced that two more leading local government associations have joined the ever-expanding list of state and local government groups who stand in firm opposition to Prop 46, because it will sharply increase costs for consumers, taxpayers and local governments in California.
the EU's firm opposition under all circumstances to the use of capital
The island's AM and the county council have taken the opportunity to express their firm opposition to creating a "nuclear waste depository" on Anglesey.
Hong also said that Philippine Ambassador to China Erlinda Basilio was summoned to hear China's strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the arbitration attempt.