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It would have made any man shed tears, in spite of the firmest resolution, to have seen the first transports of this poor fellow's joy when he came to his father: how he embraced him, kissed him, stroked his face, took him up in his arms, set him down upon a tree, and lay down by him; then stood and looked at him, as any one would look at a strange picture, for a quarter of an hour together; then lay down on the ground, and stroked his legs, and kissed them, and then got up again and stared at him; one would have thought the fellow bewitched.
In this context, I want to express my firmest support for the initiative being brought by the Arab League before the United Nations General Assembly," he added.
BRYNTEG CS won their eighth consecutive game in Pool 1B of the Dragons Rugby Trust Schools League when they beat Gorseinon College 23-8 and are now the firmest of favourites to be one of the two pool sides to make the play-offs.
But Stewart, one of Hill's strongest allies and firmest friends, has the emotional pull - and the security.
condemned in the firmest terms" a call by embattled Libyan leader Muammar
the firmest terms" the ongoing repression in Syria and also urged Al-Assad to
SHELBOURNE secretary Ollie Byrne last night gave the firmest hint yet that the club was up for sale - but no deal has been struck yet.
France condemns in the firmest way this overthrowing by force of Constitutional Order," Juppe said in a statement.
Neath, thanks to fly-half James Hook, won 9-6 at Llandovery earlier in the season in a bruising game and it is a contest that will need the firmest of refereeing.
Merseyside Police said they would take ``the firmest action possible'' against those who drive illegally or use the roads in an anti-social manner.
Alain Prost, Damon Hill's firmest Grand Prix pal and fan, has slammed the world champion for going back on his word.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said that his government "condemns in the firmest manner these terrorist acts".