firmly seated

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At length I was successful in reaching the side of one great brute, and ere he knew what I was about I was firmly seated astride his glossy back.
Before the mare had time to move, Vronsky stepped with an agile, vigorous movement into the steel-toothed stirrup, and lightly and firmly seated himself on the creaking leather of the saddle.
Dingaan listened, and his brow grew dark, yet he was not so firmly seated on the throne that he dared put away our words, for still there were many in the land who loved the memory of Chaka, and remembered that Dingaan had murdered him and Umhlangana also.
As soon as the horse touched the bottom on the other side, the man pulled himself on, and was firmly seated, bridle in hand, before the horse gained the bank.
My throne is hard and naked, but I am firmly seated on my throne.
Radical Archery[R]'s Bryan Fry continues to keep Savora[R] broadheads alive and well, offering a full line of tough-as-nails heads with razor-sharp replaceable blades firmly seated in a variety of Savora-style locking systems.
To assemble your rod, insert the male end into the female ferrule while twisting as you firmly push the ends together, until the sections are firmly seated.
As a result, the Xperia Z3 is firmly seated after the Xperia Z3 Compact on the top of the table.
What little faith the sporting public had in the event was destroyed when Lance Armstrong, as firmly seated on the moral high-horse when it came to drugs as Gay, was exposed as a cheat.
Can we, I wonder, in the coming months leading to the Scottish Independence Referendum expect to see Mr Mackay firmly seated in the No camp?
However, lead-cored bullets need to have the core firmly seated inside the jacket to shoot accurately, and the whacking required to knock a bullet loose from a case can also knock a bullet's core slightly loose from the jacket.
That's the idea behind a bill introduced by Representative Bill Mitchell who thinks that Illinois and Cook County should be divided into different states because of the "different and firmly seated views" Chicagoans hold compared with their more conservative neighbors in the rest of the state.