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PIGNORIS CAPIO, ROM. civil law. The name given to one of the legis actiones of the Roman law. It consisted chiefly in the taking. of a pledge, and was in fact a mode of execution. It was confined to special cases determined by positive law or by custom, such as taxes, duties, rents, &c., and is comparable in some respects to distresses at common law. The proceeding took place in the presence of a praetor.

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SAN-attached storage devices will no longer be limited to a factory-installed firmware.
Since it is a minor firmware update, users should expect common changes such as bug fixes, enhancements and optimisations.
The Phoenix SecureCore solution is based on firmware technology that ensures notebook computers deliver the highest level of security features available, starting with StrongROM, an enhanced, embedded cryptographic engine that authenticates and protects the firmware.
This new firmware may be the Android KitKat update owners of Xperia Z1S have been waiting for a long time from T-Mobile to rollout.
If you have the technical knowledge to flash the firmware file, (http://android.
18u Flash technology and is a drop-in replacement for the Intel 82802 Firmware Hub device.
These solutions are built around the Teridian 80515 CPU core, and can run either Teridian turnkey embedded firmware or customer code.
The report added that devices confirmed for the firmware, include for Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy Note 3 Neo and a few others.
com), a leading provider of entertainment networking solutions, released its fourth-generation FireWire[TM] audio interface processor and firmware platform at the annual AES conference this week.
XperiaBlog caught two new firmware builds certified for Sony Xperia Z by PTCRB and one of them might be the latest Android 4.
New Firmware Enhancements for the McDATA Intrepid FICON Converter
Insufficient on-chip support for secure firmware distribution and Flash memory updates.