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COUSIN, domest. rel. Cousins are kindred who are the issue of two brothers or two sisters, or of a brother and a sister. Those who descend from the brother or sister of the father of the person spoken of are called paternal cousins; maternal cousins are those who are descended from the brothers or sisters of the mother. Vide 2 Bro. C. C. 125; 1 Sim. & Stu. 301; 3 Russ. C. C. 140; 9 Sim. R. 386, 457.

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44 sq: It should be observed that the ancient narrative hands down the account that Patroclus was even a kinsman of Achilles; for Hesiod says that Menoethius the father of Patroclus, was a brother of Peleus, so that in that case they were first cousins.
Uncle Mukesh Bhatt was also around to encourage Alia's efforts and so was first cousin Vishesh Bhatt and his wife Kanika Parab.
Although the risk was lower than for first- and second-degree relatives, even those who had a first cousin with cerebral palsy were at a 1.
From a sample of nearly 11,000 births between 2007 and 2011, more than 2,000 babies were born to first cousin parents- predominately from the city's large Pakistani population, the Independent reported.
Twenty per cent of Emiratis who had pre-marital health tests in the UAE capital last year were looking to marry their first cousin, the latest Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) figures have shown.
Jim Menzies condemned first cousin Allan Menzies, convicted in 2003 of beating and stabbing a friend to death before eating part of his head and drinking his blood from a whisky glass.
Yasin's donor was a first cousin of the patient and a 23year-old university student.
I wouldn't say that my parents pressured me, but I felt that society expected it," said Noor, who married her first cousin when she was 19.
One of Francis and Auguste's daughters, Victoria, is the mother of British Queen Victoria, who is first cousin with August, son of Ferdinand, one of Francis and Auguste's sons.
However, the picture for first cousin marriages is not as grim as portrayed here.
These included: Dan Graham; Yvonne Sewall Ruskin, the widow of Max's Kansas City owner Mickey Ruskin; and Lee's other first cousin, Jeremy Knaster, a motion-picture electrician and actor who was perhaps Lee's closest confidant in the '60s and '70s.
James, 36, son of the Queen's first cousin Princess Alexandra and Sir Angus Ogilvy, is believed to have played a vital role in persuading Prince William to go to St Andrews University.

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