first crime

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No, no, your Highness, I repeat it, and even at the risk of incurring your displeasure, Cornelius is no more guilty of the first crime than of the second; and of the second no more than of the first.
Is this the first crime to have had three billion worldwide suspects?
Retired chief superintendent Graham Pears found time during his busy career to fit in a Open University degree, MA writing course and writing his first crime novel.
Her novel, written she says when she should have been studying, won Denise the Crime Writers' Association John Creasey Dagger for the best first crime novel.
A FORMER Coventry teacher returned to his home city to sign copies of his first crime thriller, Bad Catholics.
Not that I doubt the integrity of the research team that came up with this finding in the first Crime and Justice Survey.
They released him on conditional discharge after hearing he has been drug-free since leaving prison two years ago, and this was his first crime in that time.
Ron Jeffrey, from Sunderland, is one of the first crime victims to agree to take part in the North-East restorative justice trials - and for him it has been a success.
THE Vatican has one of the highest crime rates in the world, according to the first crime figures published by the 106-acres state.
PALMDALE - A Palmdale man who was a carjack, kidnap and robbery target last month was the victim of a home invasion robbery by the same teen-agers involved in the first crime, officials said Wednesday.
Nick Fletcher has just completed his first crime book, Escaping the Rain, a collection of 18 short stories about revenge, gangsters and hitmen.
And he demonstrated his disdain for civil liberties long before the Oklahoma City bombing when he introduced his first crime bill.