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First Instance

The initial trial court where an action is brought.

A court of first instance is distinguishable from an appellate court, which is a court of last instance. In the federal court system, a federal district court is a court of first instance, whereas the Supreme Court is the court of last instance.

first instance

first court hearing. Courts may be described as being courts of first instance if they hear or try cases as opposed to hearing appeals. See APPEAL; see also COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE.
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Nagpur (Maharashtra) [India], Feb 6 ( ANI ): In what may be the first instance, a tiger in Maharashtra will be getting a prosthetic limb, with the joint efforts of Maharashtra Animal and Fisheries Science University (MAFSU) and a leading orthopaedic surgeon of Nagpur.
Al Ain, one of the most storied clubs in the UAE top flight, could still feature in the AFC Champions League next season if they successfully appeal against the Pro League Committee's (PLC) First Instance Body decision on club licensing.
At the end of May there were more than 595 000 cases awaiting decision at first instance, of which 59 % were pending for longer than six months.
On 15 February, the Dubai Court of First Instance issued an unusually detailed judgment annulling the DIFC Courts' decisions,
The lawyers petitioned the ystanbul 29th Court of First Instance for a replacement of the judges hearing their clients' cases.
Arbitration will try to settle the disputes amicably within 15 days or else a lawsuit will be filed at the Department of First Instance.
Al Ameri, who gave birth to a son in custody, was also found guilty of murder by the court of first instance and sentenced to life in prison.
The first instance court convicted Ivanov of leading an organized crime group, but then he was released on house arrest during his appeal, which time is to be deducted from his jail sentence," commented Tsvetanov in an interview for Darik Radio.
The Ministry of Finance resolved the last of a total of 30,744 cases of denationalization in a first instance procedure, Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski informed.
Manama-Sept8(BNA) Suspect Sadok Taher Ibrahim today reappeared before the first instance of the National Safety Court (penal court), accused of attempted murder, rallying and inciting regime hatred.
On 10 February, the EU Court of First Instance confirmed its own and the European Commission's analysis of the involvement of distributor Activision Blizzard Germany GmbH in an agreement concerning the market for Nintendo consoles and video game cartridges between 1991 and 1997(1).
Summary: Sale - The Court of Appeals of Sale (near Rabat) upheld, on Friday, a life sentence handed down by the first instance court to Abdelkader Bellirej on terrorism charges.

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