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Michael Irwin Postscript: The Economist reports that "in March, the World Bank reached an agreement with British Airways that provides Bank staff with a 'free upgrade to Concorde for first-class travel to/from Washington, subject to availability within 96 hours of departure.
Crescendo has redefined the destination club category, offering not only first-class vacation experiences in the world's premier destinations, but also an equity-based, diversified real estate investment model.
Dubai For a single return ticket price of Dh44,175, a frequent flier rests in the sanctuary of his first-class private suite aboard an Emirates A380 superjumbo cruising from Dubai to Toronto at 36,000 feet.
It said the Southeastern rail company was charging 30 per cent more for a single first-class ticket on the high-speed route from London to Dover Priory, which had no first-class seating.
Airlines discount first-class seats on competitive routes.
And for a look at the Grand Salon, the former first-class dining room, the best bet is to sign up for the ship's renowned Sunday brunch.
Postwatch said more than three in 10 first-class letters posted over the past two years at Christmas time had failed to arrive the next day.
THE postal watchdog last night urged people to send Christmas cards second class because of the ``dramatic'' decline in the delivery of first-class letters in recent years.
Varig First Class, the Brazilian carrier's first-class lounge, also in the Guarulhos airport, has a business center, reading materials including newspapers and news magazines, satellite television, computers and printers, local and international phone service (via an operator), a fax machine, photocopiers and Internet access.
First-class seats will be taken out of service from January 5 as a full refurbishment of its fleet of 165 trains begins, with first-class season ticket holders being offered refunds.
Sandra had traded in her first-class ticket to get two coach seats for herself and her young girlfriend (this was prehistoric; i.
The 23,400-mile trip will begin in Chicago and continue on to New York, London, Milan, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Hawaii and Los Angeles, with first-class accommodations on land and in the air.