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Relating to finance or financial matters, such as money, taxes, or public or private revenues.

A fiscal agent is a bank engaged in the business of collecting and disbursing money. Such a bank also serves as a place for the deposit of private and public funds on behalf of others.

A fiscal year is a period of twelve months that does not necessarily correspond with the traditional calendar year. During this time period, appropriations are made and expenditures are authorized. At the end of the year, accounts are composed and the books are balanced. It is an accounting year frequently used by a state or large business, the first day of which is usually April, July, or October 1.

Fiscal officers are those individuals whose role it is to collect and distribute public money, such as state revenues or the revenues of a county or Municipal Corporation. The title is also used to describe officers in a private corporation who have the duty to oversee financial transactions. Fiscal officers of a corporation include a treasurer and a comptroller.


adjective budgetary, bursal, economic, financial, fiscalis, monetary, pecuniary, pertaining to financial matters, pertaining to government finances, pertaining to monetary receipts and expenditures, pertaining to the public revenues, pertaining to the public treasury, relating to accounts, relating to money matters, relating to the management of revenue
Associated concepts: fiscal affairs, fiscal year
See also: commercial, financial, mercantile, monetary, pecuniary
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com Year established: 1990 Fiscal year: January-December Chmn: Robert J.
And if there is no obvious near-term growth benefit from fiscal consolidation, the yielding of monetary sovereignty by national central banks to the European Central Bank makes the loss of national fiscal discretion to the Stability and Growth Pact more costly and increases these eurozone member nations' output volatility.
The President's fiscal year 2002 budget marks the beginning of a new strategic orientation for U.
Because the law does not require individuals to maintain books and records, it may be difficult to demonstrate that the books have been maintained for the fiscal year.
In every state except Vermont, the general fund and many other budget accounts are required to be balanced, either within each fiscal year or over a two-year period.
We have good momentum going into the new year, and we're looking forward to what we expect will be ConAgra's 15th consecutive year of record earnings per share in fiscal 1995.
The new fiscal management process we adopted uses three logical approaches: education, budget development, and follow-up.
Best Buy's fiscal 2008 plan includes the addition of approximately 35 new stores internationally.
ConAgra will apply the new Standard retroactively through fiscal 1993 and will restate previously reported fiscal 1993 quarterly results.
Department of Commerce) give a broad view of the fiscal condition of the sector.
Fiscal 2006 had 53 weeks of sales (14 weeks in the fourth quarter); while our fiscal year ended January 29, 2006 ("fiscal 2005") had 52 weeks (13 weeks in the fourth quarter).
Third fiscal quarter 1993 revenues: $11,141,191 up $2,913,801 or 35 percent vs.