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Relating to finance or financial matters, such as money, taxes, or public or private revenues.

A fiscal agent is a bank engaged in the business of collecting and disbursing money. Such a bank also serves as a place for the deposit of private and public funds on behalf of others.

A fiscal year is a period of twelve months that does not necessarily correspond with the traditional calendar year. During this time period, appropriations are made and expenditures are authorized. At the end of the year, accounts are composed and the books are balanced. It is an accounting year frequently used by a state or large business, the first day of which is usually April, July, or October 1.

Fiscal officers are those individuals whose role it is to collect and distribute public money, such as state revenues or the revenues of a county or Municipal Corporation. The title is also used to describe officers in a private corporation who have the duty to oversee financial transactions. Fiscal officers of a corporation include a treasurer and a comptroller.


adjective budgetary, bursal, economic, financial, fiscalis, monetary, pecuniary, pertaining to financial matters, pertaining to government finances, pertaining to monetary receipts and expenditures, pertaining to the public revenues, pertaining to the public treasury, relating to accounts, relating to money matters, relating to the management of revenue
Associated concepts: fiscal affairs, fiscal year
See also: commercial, financial, mercantile, monetary, pecuniary
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Through ALM, Globalgroup provides a viable online shopping alternative for fiscally challenged consumers by offering quality name brand products at affordable prices, regardless of household income, through credit alternatives and time-payment options.
Whether an entity is fiscally transparent is supposed to be determined on an item-by-item basis.
Trent was institutionally well-defined, but politically and fiscally weak, with a tradition of strong local privilege and a local culture similar to that of Italian states of the Veneto.
If public support for school expansion were less than 50 percent in a state, the existence of numerous small, fiscally independent districts would enable high schools to diffuse.
PROACTIVE WORK WITH NPOs to help them get a head start on new requirements and to show outside agencies and sources of support that they are fiscally responsible and well informed will strengthen a CPA firm's client base and generate new sources of revenue.
Clearly, however, meeting payrolls is not the same thing as being fiscally healthy.
Marilyn Westenhaver has been physically fit for over 20 years but, because of her ability to see and seize her market, she is now fiscally fit, too.
WASHINGTON -- A diverse and bipartisan group of former members of Congress today launched the Coalition for a Fiscally Sound America, a new effort seeking to engage Americans and encourage policy makers to rise above partisanship and work together to enact broad-based spending and tax reform.
For years, Mayor Dean Mazzarella and the city's comptroller said it was fiscally irresponsible and imprudent for the Fire Department to pay for a second ambulance.
We've reached an accord that is both fair to our employees and fiscally responsible to the (MTA),'' Villaraigosa said during a news conference, surrounded by union and MTA officials.
I look at myself as a progressive person but also very fiscally conservative in terms of government spending.