fit exactly

References in classic literature ?
This seemed to him to fit exactly the case in which he found himself, so, making a show of severe suffering, he began to roll on the ground and with feeble breath repeat the very words which the wounded knight of the wood is said to have uttered:
They get a significant proportion of the funding, and we are now delivering process apprentices who are learning on the job and, when they finish their three-year training programme, they fit exactly into the inhouse requirements.
I think he'll go back to Germany where he knows the league and I think he'll bring two or three players who he thinks will fit exactly into the Liverpool style of play that he wants to play and will fit into the league, who have the stamina, the strength and the experience to come in and hit the floor running.
As they are custom-made for each worker, they fit exactly, leaving no room for operator error so that we can be confident that everyone is completely protected, which is extremely important for The Royal Mint.
With much of this segment being replacement driven, we also designed these new models to fit exactly on existing Carrier roofcurbs dating back more than 25 years, eliminating the need for curb adapters or changing utility connections making it a perfect fit for replacement opportunities.
It's always been a dream of mine to own and operate a restaurant and the Dickey's culture fit exactly what I was looking for in a restaurant business C great food, multiple revenue streams and a training program that is first rate.
The Patent Pending product is designed to fit exactly the same way as a standard roller bearing would - the same size and very simple light press-fit method of installation.
It is yet still unknown how a piece of jewellery offered by her husband six years ago, created to fit exactly the finger of Mrs.
The high ceilings, efficient wide-open floors, and great natural light fit exactly the aesthetic we were looking for and will enable us to create the culture that defines the We Work brand.
Our findings for the energy expended when diving and swimming by guillemots fit exactly into the predictions of the biomechanical model.
And the mask needed to fit exactly onto Michael's face.
The dimensions have to be precise; a matter of millimeters over its 38 meters, for it must fit exactly on the pillars being constructed far south to receive it.