fit for sale

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The visitors were taken there and shown them, all neatly hung in rows, labeled conspicuously with the tags of the government inspectors--and some, which had been killed by a special process, marked with the sign of the kosher rabbi, certifying that it was fit for sale to the orthodox.
Waste meat - deemed unfit even for pet food - was being trimmed and repackaged to make it appear fit for sale as fillet or ready-to-eat meals.
A Solihull farmer stamped the carcasses of 15 lambs as fit for sale for human consumption after an inspector refused to because they had been slaughtered while he was not present and still had the spinal cords in.
Mr Scriven, who lives in Wirral, said: "We're a commissioned-based enterprise but we're not in the business of persuading people to sell if it's not the right time in the economic cycle or if they still need to do work to make their company fit for sale.
75 tons of plastic goods and pulp salvaged by the processor were sent to landfills because the material was not fit for sale, company representatives said.
She complained to the store's manager, who said the set had been passed as fit for sale.
This BSE diagnostic will be developed for use by herd owners, governments and health regulators with the goal of making it the purification standard by which live cattle can be certified as fit for sale and consumption.
A spokesperson for the bargain-stores firm insisted: "All our products are inspected by our experienced quality assurance department to ensure they are fit for sale.
When testing of the shrimp after the search confirmed the presence of saccharin, the National Marine Fisheries division of the Department of Commerce ordered the shrimp held, "red tagging" the containers to indicate they were not fit for sale.
Prosecutor Amanda Pinto told worcester crown court: "Some eggs weren't fit for sale.