fit the pattern

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These two cases are not unexpected and fit the pattern we would expect to find at the end of such an outbreak,' he said.
The attack on Barroso not only fit the pattern of his other sexual assaults but also led him to cross the line to murder, she said.
Dr Gillian Penny, chairman of the guidelines development group of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, suggested the woman might fit the pattern of women who had psychological problems beforehand.
This would explain why only middle-class magazines fit the pattern of his argument: the only upper-class men's magazine he surveys (Vanity Fa ir) was always staunchly pro-consumerist, and one of his two "working-class" men's magazines, True, appears to have been lower middle-class in orientation; its average audience consisted of white-collar workers and skilled laborers (p.
Place the wallpaper over the hole in such a way that the pattern in the patch will fit the pattern on the wall.
The X-ray and visible-light glow, along with emissions in the extreme ultraviolet, fit the pattern expected of a young neutron star with a surface temperature of 670,000 kelvins.
The pattern of DAPcell Network DAP Servers on a network can fit the pattern of work cells and test cells found in a factory or laboratory.
The district is working with public health officials to determine the cause of the illness, but the symptoms don't fit the pattern of either swine flu or food poisoning, Delf said.
4040 Paragraph 6 (i) 'local government areas do not fit the pattern of life and work in modern England.
The allegations date back to November, soon after Zabuski was released from prison, and fit the pattern of attacks authorities said Zabuski has established.
Their analysis showed that the data appear to fit the pattern of a Levy flight.
The pattern of DAPcells on a network can fit the pattern of work cells and test cells found in a factory or laboratory.