fit together

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And you, sir, harmonizer with myself in opinions, views, and feelings, you with the patience to fit together on wires the whole framework of society--I allude to the human skelinton-- you to give in so soon
Sets can be more cost effective and convenient, but more importantly, the bands are designed to fit together and complement each other--the effect some of these sets have when completed is just amazing," said says Manesh Patel, COO of Szul.
CHILDREN, parents and grandchildren will get the chance to get fit together after Bromsgrove District Council was awarded pounds 3,200 for a community sports scheme.
But Moriarty sets the enmeshed 'assignments' in such a way that they seem a large puzzle for the reader, who must be patient to see how the pieces eventually fit together.
Each house can accommodate up to four people and is divided in sets of zones that fit together with the fiendish precision of a Chinese puzzle box.
The real difference now is that the landscape, building and collection all fit together now and fit together beautifully,'' says Brand.
The first section of this oversize book contains 20 charts covering the whole sky and a master chart showing how the pieces fit together.
How can they fit together Indian instruments, like the tabla and sarangi, with jazz drumming?
The Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act, signed into law in December 2004, "starts to touch on these issues of liability, but we may need to revisit these issues as the industry gets off the ground, and we will have to think more about how interlocking regulations and schemes fit together," he said.
As with much of Wood's writing, I found myself stumbling about trying to figure out how the pieces fit together, and doing a lousy job of it, instead of thinking, "This is interesting.
Archivists the world over are gaining a new appreciation for and a new understanding of the principles of records management and how the two professions fit together.
For example, if two similar molecules in one machine were also found in another, they were considered likely to fit together in the same way.