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In this study, of the 14 seeds, 12 were fitly developed on average.
Therefore, since she cannot be fitly categorized, she becomes a witch in the same way that Julia becomes for Mackenzie "a dangerous person" (Rhys 26), a ghost which comes back to "haunt" him again and again (21).
However, both operate in the realm of religion and faith while failing to fitly acknowledge the reality of the friction, brutality, and inherent destructiveness of war.
Its official transfer from the Bute family to the city council as custodians for all time of the famous mansion and its pleasant grounds was marked by ceremonies worthy of what was fitly described by the Lord Mayor (Alderman George Ferguson) as a gesture "setting a princely seal upon acts of enlightened enterprise in keeping with the identity of interest between Castle and city traditionally maintained by the Lords of Cardiff".
Though formulated somewhat abstractly, these characteristics do not fitly tap into patriotism and are fairly distant from the current interpretation of loyalty.
I am a great believer in the saying 'Speak fitly or be silent wisely' - something I don't suppose he's heard, but perhaps would do well to consider in the future.
Bridgnorth, proclaimed a flowery journalist from the local paper back in 1889, "Who shall fitly describe her, seated, queen-like on her rocky throne?
It is in the sonnet form that Dunbar found the perfect medium to honor Douglass more fitly and in doing so to answer Howells's implicit challenge.
Marrow typically is fitly replenished within weeks of being donated.
In addition, the DD method does not fitly address issues of endogeneity, whereas the IV approach offers the potential to address both endogeneity issues and measurement error provided valid instruments can be identified that are uncorrelated with the measurement error in our outcomes (Currie and Gruber 1996).
The airline is offering fitly flexible business tickets for 5,625 [pounds sterling] ($9,246) although it confirmed that cheaper fares from 1,910 [pounds sterling] are available for leisure travellers planning a weekend stay "Every aspect of this service has been designed to maximise convenience for customers to fly between the world's two biggest business centres--Wall Street and London's extended financial district in the City and Docklands," added Willie Walsh.
J]udicial duty is not less fitly performed by declining ungranted jurisdiction than in exercising firmly that which the Constitution and the laws confer.