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Before 2003, warfighters who could not be fitted with a protective mask--and for whom efforts to resolve the issue were unsuccessful--were deemed nondeployable.
We do not advocate use of this respirator in place of a properly fitted commercial respirator.
They are also now fitted with removable tape so a man can sport his own accessories.
Provide a fitting brochure to each player as he is fitted.
exact" that fits GAMs and uses this alternative method to estimate standard errors for the fitted parameters.
One could analyze the fitted curves in a number of different ways.
However, while improperly fitted corsets caused ptosis, properly fitted corsets were needed to arrest its development.
The (lenses) are actually kind of clever, and I wouldn't object to any of my students wearing them as long as they were properly fitted.
If you pad to avoid friction, the shoe has not been properly fitted and the foot cannot work through the pleats.
An international group of 20 surface analysts fitted variations of Gaussian or Gaussian-Lorentzian functions to the doublets.