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It's a title that fittingly reflects her nurturing, supportive teaching style.
Eastdil's Douglas Harmon--who brokered the sale of 111 Eighth and Chelsea Market as well as the sale two years ago of 85 Tenth--will fittingly broker this transaction, the bidding for which is expected to begin this week.
Fittingly they seem preoccupied as much with light as with darkness, or rather, with the formal interplay between the two.
Supreme Court upheld a government-enforced slaughterhouse monopoly--established, fittingly enough, by the city of New Orleans.
Fittingly, the album has a decidedly rainy-day sound, with Chapman's acoustic guitar colored by indigo-shaded Dobro, bouzouki, and vibraphone.
Fittingly, Shahrazad's story is told in stylized language, as if it were a storyteller's spoken tale.
In the translation and annotation Weinberg responds fittingly to the extensive scholarship that has accumulated around de' Rossi's book.
Here you have two lawyers--one an ex-president and the other an incoming senator--commanding unlimited earning potential, trucking away what surely was a quite unneeded plethora of valuable objects from well-wishers, which might have stayed far more fittingly in the executive mansion.
Victory went to Snow Bunting, fittingly bred by the Queen, and trained by Jedd O'Keeffe for the Wetherby Racing Bureau.
FITTINGLY for an area dominated by a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, the diocese of Toronto's Anglicans demonstrate a flare for activism and social justice.
One thing I have discovered is that, fittingly, racing will play a big part in the pageant.
Both have conquered adversity to remain part of the Sutton landscape and on Saturday, Roger Smoldon was fittingly honoured in a ceremony to rename the ground after him.