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8) While more intricate, perhaps, than Wallace's, it is clear that Darwall's view, too, conceives of fittingness in, roughly, moral terms.
However, a closer look at both of these passages leaves me unsure that it would be correct to attribute even a rudimentary affirmative theory of fittingness to Murphy.
With regard to the fittingness of the social work activities queried, the respondents identified three types of activity activities as fitting.
6) Degree of Fittingness: The degree of fittingness is a function of the proportionality of the connection specified in (5).
Because it is the mind of our wholeness, our involvement with all things beyond ourselves, the Sympathetic Mind is alert as well to the issue of propriety, of the fittingness of our artifacts to their places, and to our circumstances, needs, and hopes.
Establishing the trustworthiness of the findings from qualitative data is important and involved considering factors such as credibility, auditability, and fittingness (Lincoln & Guba, 1985).
He suggests building an alternative vocabulary of metaphors that more accurately reflect the realities of "an amorphous, problematic, information-rich world of multiple myths described by such words as reciprocal, resilient, circular, emergent, development, ebb and flow, cultivate, seed, harvest, potential, fittingness, both/and" (p.
The second has its own fittingness, defining Timon's death as a final fixation in hatred in contrast with the ongoing motion of life.
78) Moreover, the ought-judgments are strict in the sense that the right-holder regards them as obligatory on the respondent and not mere notions of generosity and fittingness.
With what form, what beauty, what fittingness ought we to think man was endowed, for whose sake alone, we may not doubt, this most beautiful and most ornate world was made?
It may not please some liturgical theorists, who wish to impose their own views contrary to both the norms of the church and the devotion of the people, but there can be no question of its objective fittingness as a sign of worship.
Throughout the novel, Jeeter is paralyzed by the anxiety of fittingness -- an anxiety of discourse -- the fear to try and change the predetermined text of God.