fix blame

See: accuse
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They are prophets of doom who do not trust strangers and look to fix blame on anything and anybody.
In these to fix blame, you have to test the voice samples, match them with the original and there is a long list.
It is hard for Westerners to understand that to fix blame is a waste of time.
The lawsuit is the second effort to fix blame and assess damages for the gruesome 2006 mishap, which resulted in the amputation of the toddler's left leg.
In looking for answers following 2012's horrific shootings in Aurora and especially Newtown, we try to find a place to fix blame.
He said: "We aren't looking to fix blame, simply find out what happened - but the dif -ference in her in just six days was staggering.
The truth commission would not seek to fix blame but rather to find out the causes and prevent another disaster.
Nor is it intended to fix blame entirely on the FDA which, under new leadership, has hired some 760 new full-time staff dealing with drug approvals.
It was John F Kennedy who said that our task is not to fix blame for the past, but to fix the course for the future.
What threatens the party is when Clinton devotees try to fix blame on "the media," or on those many voices within the Democratic Party that demand a party that is about real change.
Her attitude regarding Cho should be considered by all who are looking to fix blame.
While we can't yet fix blame for this most recent act of terrorism, we do know this: Despite their differences, the criminal remnants of Saddam's sadistic regime share a common goal with foreign terrorists--to bring about the failure of Iraqi reconstruction and take the country back to the sort of tyrannical prison from which it has just been freed.