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Eye movements in the problem-solving stage of the interactive problem--(a) eye fixations and saccades of a high-performing student, (b) eye fixations and saccades of a low- performing student.
Regarding PIA, the students in the high-performing group had significantly longer fixation durations compared with the students in the low- performing group.
2%) from the group with long fixation and in 22 patients (34.
Short fixation consisted of stabilization of the injured level together with one adjacent upper and lower levels and long fixation consisted of stabilization together with two adjacent upper and lower levels.
1) Fixation stability task: before the task began, participants fixed their eyes on a black cross "+" in the center of the white screen.
For the no disturbance and disturbance conditions, the mean fixation times, mean fixation duration, mean saccade times and mean saccade path were analyzed for each test.
In this instance, we found that the forecaster's fixations changed as a function of the stimulus.
Displaced fracture were treated surgically with various modalities (Open reduction and internal fixation with plate, two-stage delayed open reduction and internal fixation, combined external and limited internal fixation and external fixation and fibula plating, Ilizarov external fixation.
Furthermore, complications related to the pin head fixation device were related to the presence of a posterior fossa tumor, temporal application of the pins, prolonged surgery, presence of hydrocephalus, and age below 7 years.
Crossed K-wire fixation was more rigid and interosseous wiring supplemented with an oblique K-wire the most rigid.