fixed assets

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Fixed assets are probably one of the simplest and most repetitive areas of accounting.
3, its latest update to BNA Fixed Assets Web software.
WASHINGTON - The NCUA approved a proposal Thursday at the agency's monthly board meeting that would remove any limits associated with the level of fixed assets.
BNA Fixed Assets has allowed us to centralize our data; we can run all of our reports from one location.
In determining whether an expense is a start-up cost or a fixed asset, CPAs should look to an entity's policy of accounting for fixed assets for guidance.
We are delighted to announce the successful achievement of SAP certification for BNA Fixed Assets G/L Integrator software," said Dean Sonderegger, Executive Director, Product Management, for Bloomberg BNA's software segment.
Unlike a cash flow loan, the borrowing capacity for an asset-based loan is based on the amount, quality and liquidity of a company's accounts receivable, inventory and fixed assets.
Following that meeting, Metsger asked NCUA staff to review any issues with fixed assets in terms of the effect on delinquency, return on assets and risk to the credit unions that received waivers versus those that did not.
Just as importantly, all of Citicorp's full-service tax groups--domestic, state, international, fixed asset, audit, consolidation and financial tax accounting--were given access to improved technology, allowing them to get more done, faster and at increasingly lower cost.
says Becky Say[ors, manager of Fixed Assets and Inventory Services at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.
One method is to decrease investment in fixed assets by eliminating surplus assets, consolidating operating fixed assets or by using an off-balance sheet tool (i.
This is a comprehensive update of our fixed assets products," said Dean Sonderegger, executive director, BNA Software.