fixed idea

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He comes here at the peril of his life, for the realization of his fixed idea.
But he was busy with his fixed idea and uttered an awfully equable "But you don't
Must he not always entertain the fixed idea of returning to England?
one fixed idea possesses me, and sears my brain like fire.
If a fixed idea be madness, she was perhaps not remote from it.
He held as straight a course for the house of the dolls' dressmaker as the wisdom of his ancestors, exemplified in the construction of the intervening streets, would let him, and walked with a bent head hammering at one fixed idea.
So completely was he absorbed in his fixed idea that he used to avow in his cheerful moments that he should never have breathed the fresh air now "but for Woodcourt.
And, indeed, he must have been at his wits' end, to have come to me at such a time, and to abandon Mademoiselle Stangerson in spite of his fixed idea as to the consequence.
The desire to rid himself of half the legacy had become a fixed idea with Bill.
It proved to me that this atrocious absurdity was rooted in the man himself and not in the disease, which, ap- parently, had emptied him of every power, mental and physical, except that one fixed idea.
This has frightened me, because it looks as if his one fixed idea about Laura was becoming too much for his mind.
Haldin's terrible immobility, inhabited by that fixed idea.