fixed order

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Some of the [concussion] tests that exist present words in a fixed order.
Under the laws of intestacy your assets are distributed according to a statutory set of rules which leave a person's estate to their next of kin in a fixed order.
Without this aborting the unit informs in a fixed order certain destinations with all relevant data.
In this perspective, dhammaniyama is understood as meaning the fixed order of arising and ceasing of all phenomena (Sayadaw 187; Payutto 2).
An excessive rigid timing and fixed order seems to draw the line between SR and useful preparation (Schippers & Van Lange, 2006).
fixed order quantities at the top level, either fixed order quantities or lot-for-lot at intermediate levels, and period order quantities at the bottom levels);
However, there is no fixed order and we will assess each resident's needs.
It is a book to be dipped into--no fixed order needed--and enjoyed by readers from 8 to 80.
But for Pannenberg, those patterns (or what some might call "natural laws") are less about some fixed order established long ago and more about the regular ongoing work of a God who compels the universe forward, not from behind, but from up front, as he draws all things toward the future he has planned in Christ.
There is a fixed order of serving the meal and a set place on the leaf to place each dish.
According to the laws of optics, a rainbow consists of colors that follow one another in a fixed order.
Tightly coupled organizations are hierarchical and process work in a fixed order.