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Germaine Greer has long been a fixed star in the galaxy of the feminist movement.
In the limit, at the height of a fixed star (at least 4 light-years), the streamers (light rays from the star) become essentially vertical, all parallel to each other, and the bottom of the pole on the ground is the Geographical Position.
One of the company's first breakthroughs, it was used to measure sidereal time based on the earth's rotation against fixed stars.
It surveys African interpretations of the Sun and Moon, eclipses, the fixed stars, planets, comets, and meteors, as based on praise poetry, riddles, and songs, as well as place names and material culture.
But that there are no such appearances among the fixed stars argues that they are at an immense height away, which makes the circle of annual movement or its image disappear from before our eyes since every visible thing has a certain distance beyond which it is no longer seen, as is shown in optics.
The images, displayed under the headline of Social housing amid the fixed stars, represent modernist, social housing schemes in a timeless, unweathered environment of ideas, an impossibly clean estate somewhere in the 'ideal' realm'.
Since within a period of a few hours the comet moves relative to the background of fixed stars, the first step was to align all of the images and correct for this motion.
In Chapter 6 of Book 1, Ptolemy states that in relation to the distance of the fixed stars, the Earth was so small that it should be treated as a mathematical point.
It is fashi to find the dista of even the neare fixed stars incon, and to make no attem to grapp with the numbe of atoms in one's thumb.
Bacon] views objects from the greatest height, and his reflections acquire a sublimity in proportion to their profundity, as in deep wells of water we see the sparkling of the highest fixed stars.