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The puff-like corpuscles seem to be characteristic components of the coleopteran flagellum, and it is likely that these corpuscles help to maintain the equilibrium of the flagellar structure during motility (Name et al.
STEC O91 isolates that express flagellar antigen H10 have been detected in different countries, albeit at low frequencies (25-27).
Centrin mediated microtubule severing during flagellar excision in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.
Light microscope observations revealed changes of the pear-shaped aspect of the cell and reduction of flagellar beating frequency in the great part of the trophozoites.
Mitochondria provide energy for flagellar action and damage to the sperm midpiece could be responsible for deficiencies in sperm motility.
1b) clavate, flagellar segments transverse, in same length, except first 1.
The slide was initially scanned at 100X, looking for motile trichomonads, and then at 400X to confirm motility, flagellar movement and morphologic features of the organisms.
Color: body black; flagellar segments 4-11 dark brownish below.
Trichoid sensilla (ts) were the most abundant structures on RWW antennae and were concentrated at the apex of the sixth flagellar segment.
DNA was extracted from the 6 ticks collected in October 2006 and examined by PCR and DNA sequence analysis of the 16S rRNA, flagellar B protein (flaB), gyrase B (gyrB), glpQ, and variable tick protein (vtp) genes and the noncoding intergenic spacer (IGS) locus of B.
Head: malar space less than quarter the width of base of mandible; clypeus with median apical rim and adjacent subapical area without distinct punctures, apical third of clypeus shallowly but distinctly impressed, sides of clypeus with 3 convergent striae composed of a few large elongate punctures separated by narrow impunctate shining interstriae; facial fovea deep and wide above, extending to level halfway up lateral ocelli, upper margins of foveae sharply margined, not evenly intergrading with occiput, apically wider than antennal width at second flagellar segment.
A 12 base-pair deletion in the flagellar master control geneflhC causes non-motility of the pathogenic German sorbitol-fermenting Escherichia coli O157:H- strains.