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Nessa mistura de controle e prazer, destacaremos uma lógica e uma estética do flagrante presentes tanto no olhar quanto na atenção vigilante sobre a cidade e os indivíduos que nela circulam.
Indeed, six people were arrested immediately after Saturday's football violence and police released photos of another six caught in flagrante by the cameras.
I highly recommend this to any lover of intelligent mystery--and just as an aside, "in flagrante dilecto" is not misspelled .
Thrashing around like naughty scallies caught in flagrante these writers want so desperately to be contemporary that they ignore all the better writing that has preceded their efforts--think of Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Agamben or Jean-Luc Nancy And this is what makes architectural theory so problematic: more concerned to discuss attitudes and posing than constructions and the processes which produce them.
For starters, a devout Catholic, he was a member of the secretive Opus Dei, but he also found time to videotape his wife without her knowledge while in flagrante delic-to with him and send the tapes to fellow pervs he met on the Internet.
After caught being in flagrante with two prostitutes, instead of being at his Defence Ministry office, he moved to a luxurious villa in Tuscany and lived a sybaritic life.
Even the most straitlaced among us have surely wondered: In zero gravity, what kinds of Cirque du Solar System permutations could one perform with a partner in flagrante dolicto?
The legend described the incestuous couple in flagrante before the offended mother/wife and included, in an accusation made by her, the sole use of the word "sadistic" in the show.
Cameras captured married man Barry Low in flagrante with engaged canteen boss Kelleigh McRae in the cashroom at the store in Lochee, Dundee.
That night, having effected a cure, the alluring Eva is discovered in delecto flagrante with the young prodigal and promptly repudiated by the elders.
This season, though, Daniels believes the Dance will recede into ancient history--especially after viewers see her in flagrante delicto during some kinky-funny sex scenes she cannot yet reveal.
It's the ultimate in reality TV - when the stars we're used to seeing dressed up to the nines suddenly appear on home video in flagrante, we can't help but look.