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Respiratory compromise may occur either from the alteration in pulmonary dynamics related to the flail segment or associated trauma to the underlying pulmonary parenchyma.
A tall, lanky man with an ability to twist and twirl his body like a rope and flail his arms as if possessed, he was part of a dance team with his sister Vilma.
If T had to report the flail settlement, with attorney fees deducted as a miscellaneous itemized deduction, his AGI would be $393,000, his itemized deductions $103,000, his AMT $15,200, and his Federal tax liability $103,000.
ramidus and other early hominids had small canine teeth compared to Gombe chimps, but sharp canines prove far less valuable to chimp hunters than having the arm strength to grab monkeys and flail them to death.
Tenders are invited for Hydraulic Brush Cutter / Flail Attachments for Mini Excavator and/or Skid Steer.
when the flail acerned benefit has been accumulated for the self-employed individual.
The work consists essentially of a The flail mowing grass plant on roadsides, embankments and parcels public spaces;b.
In some cases, rheumatic fever leads to Sydenham's chorea, a severe movement disorder in which the arms and legs flail about rapidly and uncontrollably
Contract notice: "services for the management of forests in forest district tuszyma in 2014 - mechanical acquiring and klodowanie wood processor type harvester, tractor hauling wood forwarders, mechanical removal of residual flail shredder post-harvesting and preparing the soil for renewal plugofrezarka".
This period bears witness not to an artist who lost his footing only to flail about in bad taste, but to one pursuing with bold consistency the same attitude he asserted from the very start.
Lot 1 Flail Mowing of Banks, Removal of Aquatic Vegetation from Bed and Clearance of Culvert Scunthorpe and Gainsborough Water Management Board areas.
The Angels that were actually on hand continued to flail, and this time they stretched their scoreless streak to 26 innings dating to Saturday, and threatened to blow Escobar's dominant performance.