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I saw his silhouette against the sky with arms and legs flailing WITNESS who saw death fall outside restaurant
Marsden Moor ranger, Rob Henry, said flailing machines had been sent out and added: "We have been cutting the grass right down.
While the control stick is within the flail envelope of the torso, its placement to the side of the panel could take it out of the way of a flailing head.
Despite it being a chilly afternoon, she was wearing a tiny vest and drunkenly flailing about, having several very loud, animated - almost shrieking - conversations with a pal," the onlooker added.
Watching The Tree Limbs is a novel about what a Christian pathway for a flailing child can accomplish.
Left flailing among all this infighting is one of the most revered and respected individuals in the global auto industry: Wolfgang Bernhard.
Each dancer delivered a lengthy episode characterized by flailing arms, a supple spine and contracting torso, and strong, turned-out legs.
We are so unaccustomed to admiring each other's wedding rings, the wildly flailing hand suggests not nuptials but a worrisome tremor of near-papal proportions.
Tragically flailing at manhood but unable to surrender his virginity, he sacrifices himself.
With each prosaic line, one can picture where the performer screamed with arms flailing, whined, faked a tear or came to a resolution.
A person who flounders is struggling or flailing clumsily.