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His life is a constant, hilarious struggle to fit into human society as he destroy everything in his wake with his flailing tentacles.
When Christie was pressed into service the company was flailing and without direction," says Dennis McAlpine, a media analyst with Ryan, Beck & Co.
Hundreds of them slap the sky screeching flailing and
There have been significant fluctuations in pub attendance due to the smoking ban and more pubs are serving food to counteract flailing demand.
In his case, freezing was far more effective than flailing.
Instead, these are people who are flailing around without an effective asset allocation strategy in place.
This galaxy is the product of an ongoing merger of two galaxies, a process characterized by distorted shapes and flailing loops and tails.
After a year of political gridlock, ranging from Mexican President Vicente Fox's flailing on reform to Argentine President Eduardo Duhalde's scrambling to restore solvency, many people have grown weary.
The gelding was excellent value for his short-head success at Leicester yesterday, as jockey Julian Gadsby never once went for the whip while all his rivals were flailing away.
Enlightening readers on the inter-national environment's likelihood to produce another great war due to its flailing status, The Age Of War describes the American ideals and irrational pursuit of control of the world through a contemporary expression of a kind of "manifest destiny" mentality.
Watching The Tree Limbs is a novel about what a Christian pathway for a flailing child can accomplish.
Left flailing among all this infighting is one of the most revered and respected individuals in the global auto industry: Wolfgang Bernhard.