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Three containers of sulfuric acid have already been removed from the site, as well as a cylinder containing flammable acetylene gas.
As air enters the water heater through a patented flame trap, it helps to prevent ignited flammable vapors from escaping back into the room to potentially create a fast-spreading fire.
In addition, a thermal sensor located inside the combustion chamber can detect abnormal temperatures during a flammable vapor incident and automatically disables the water heater by shutting off the gas supply to the water heater's burner and pilot light.
Machine modifications to accommodate a flammable liquid:
During Burn Awareness Week, February 6-12, 2000, the Shriners -- members of the fraternal organization that operates 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children -- want people to be aware of the dangers posed by flammable vapors and to take steps to keep children safe.
Check location of lights to ensure they are not in contact with flammable materials.
Military for toxic and flammable gas monitoring units used while servicing military aircraft.
Los Angeles City Fire Department spokesman Bob Collins said investigators believe the fire had been set with a flammable liquid inside the home's two rear bedrooms.
Meanwhile, thousands of pounds of highly flammable waste must be handled each year.
Residents should also remember to keep flammable material at bay and never leave a burning source unattended.
What we are trying to do by following these precautions is to avoid a decomposition of the peroxide which can self-accelerate and generate flammable gases or overpressure containers.
Contract Awarded for Egc Required By the Technical Control and Labs Management Directorate Is 3 Flammable Chemical Safety Cabinet, 1 Fire Safety Cabinet, 1 Flammable Chemical Storage Cupboard and 2 Acid-Base Cabinet.