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Or to put it another way, different definitions for flare-up were adopted for each study.
PREVENT and extinguish flare-ups by putting the lid down.
By keeping a diary of what you ate when you ate it, any stressful situations you found yourself in and how you responded to them, you will draw connections between triggers and flare-ups.
LOWELL - Firefighters dug in on the south side of the 1,500-acre Clark Fire on Wednesday, as helicopters carried the load on the wildfire's northern perimeter by dumping bucket after bucket of water on flare-ups along rocky, heavily timbered ravines and ridgelines.
Still, preventing constipation by eating a highfiber diet is the real key to preventing future flare-ups and complications--maybe even preventing diverticula from forming in the first place.
For calming flare-ups Bioderma Sensibio AR, [euro]20 Quickly soothes and moisturises aggravated skin, and calms that overheated feeling.
And he soon found that the flare-ups of the condition were relieved.
On the eve of West Africa being declared free of Ebola virus transmission, top United Nations officials today highlighted the extraordinary global cooperation mustered to tackle an epidemic that killed over 11,300 people, at the same time calling for vigilance against future flare-ups.
Many lupus patients take anti-inflammatory medication to suppress flare-ups of their symptoms.
Nearly 30% of multiple sclerosis patients suffer from a relapsing form of the disease in which symptoms disappear totally or partly after flare-up, followed by periods of stability that can last for months or years.