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You seemed to dwell in a room where the night before an orgy had taken place: the windows had not been opened in the morning; the air was foul with the dregs of beer, and stale smoke, and flaring gas.
Many times had Tarzan seen Mbonga's black raiding parties return from the northward with prisoners, and always were the same scenes enacted about that grim stake, beneath the flaring light of many fires.
It was quite invisible in the flaring lights of the camp fires.
For that position YOU are to blame and not I," said Nastasia, flaring up suddenly.
Secret society," he repeated, with his pipe between his teeth and the match flaring, in response to his words.
It's not at all from friendship," declared Nicholas, flaring up and turning away as if from a shameful aspersion.
Now and then during the night horses had galloped at a smart pace over the Buytenhof, the heavy tramp of the patrols had resounded from the pavement, and the slow matches of the arquebuses, flaring in the east wind, had thrown up at intervals a sudden glare as far as to the panes of his window.
A LAMP, soaked with too much oil and flaring brightly, boasted that it gave more light than the sun.
They were stars, I knew, and flaring comets, that peopled my flight among the suns.
When they had been thus refreshed, the whole house hurried away into an empty stable where the show stood, and where, by the light of a few flaring candles stuck round a hoop which hung by a line from the ceiling, it was to be forthwith exhibited.
SOLON, Ohio -- Swagelok Semiconductor Services Company (SSSC) introduces the new FTF 1000 plastic tube flaring system to flare the end of plastic tubing prior to installation with PFA fine thread flare type fittings.
The MarkWest Javelina plant will invest over $650,000 for facility operations improvements that will reduce flaring events and improve communications with the local community.