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A spotlight suddenly reveals a bearded, bewigged, flashily dressed Fermat, who promptly sings, "I have discovered a truly marvelous proof, a truly marvelous proof of this, which this margin is not large enough to contain.
It's true that her chauvinist Apollo in The Autobiography of Cassandra is a scoundrel, who spits in Cassandra's mouth to rob her of credibility, but he is brought back later in The Curse of Endless Living as an entertaining Italian playboy with a sports car who foolishly and flashily comes on to the centuries-older Sibyl.
99) AS flashily flamboyant with words as with a whisk, Keith Floyd presents his own life story, which, as even the unimaginative might guess, is full of character, colour and uproarious good humour.
And his performance as Captain Corelli is flashily brilliant, as befits the character's fun-loving philosophy of life.
A hostess, usually dressed flashily and revealingly, and smiling at his superior wit.
They also feature flashily designed interiors that give the restaurant a specific identity; an Inviting bar stocked with imported beers and an array of prestige cigars.
Ombre," the final tale, presents Agata, the attractive, middle-aged, flashily dressed town prostitute, who is seen by several fellow citizens leading her eight-year-old granddaughter down the street.