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The Wind Done Gone tips its hat to this famous illustration, showing a photograph of a beautiful Black woman--surely Randall's narrator Cynara, Rhett Butler's mulatta mistress and later wife--seated at a table, quill in hand, dressed elegantly if flashily in satins and laces, earbobs dangling amidst glossy curls.
And his performance as Captain Corelli is flashily brilliant, as befits the character's fun-loving philosophy of life.
Both Hickey's creator and Hickey's interpreter blazed with new light when Robards sailed jauntily on stage, straw hatted, flashily dressed, eyes gleaming satanically, croaking the line: "And another little drink won't do us any harm
Even any flashily framed photograph that you have of someone special on your desk may not have been taken in all the ways you can remember that particular person's smile.
A hostess, usually dressed flashily and revealingly, and smiling at his superior wit.
They also feature flashily designed interiors that give the restaurant a specific identity; an Inviting bar stocked with imported beers and an array of prestige cigars.
Ombre," the final tale, presents Agata, the attractive, middle-aged, flashily dressed town prostitute, who is seen by several fellow citizens leading her eight-year-old granddaughter down the street.
He was enormously fat and his fingers were adorned with numerous diamond rings; he was accompanied by a flashily dressed young woman.
He is flashily dressed, his face and eyes are wrinkled, his cheeks rouged, his brown hair and yellow teeth false, and his turned-up mustaches and imperial are dyed.
On the other hand, Versace (as expected) continued to flashily shove its Medusa logo down our consciousness.
These flashily garbed adventurers exist together, if not always peacefully, in one big, chaotic world.
Reincarnating the titular kung fu warrior as an avatar of anti-Japanese aggression in 1920s Shanghai, Andrew Lau's frenzied, flashily violent period actioner boasts more nuance in its ultra-stylized color palette than in its delineation of personalities, relationships and international battle lines.