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I don't think there will be any flashiness from our guys.
Women's tennis is all about flashiness these days, where consistency is missing.
0 smartphone, it does lack the flashiness of some of its mid-range rivals, such as HTC's One V.
Clearly, for such work, the Toller needs lots of flashiness, lots of energy, and above all lots of stamina.
Some of Bravo's pictures share the Pop artists' use of quotidian reality; Bravo, however, did not share the ideology of the Pop artists, who were at times commenting on the flashiness of "modern life," with its vulgarity and futility.
The novel gives the reader no sense of how the world has reached its present state, and the ending drags: a second battle loses its flashiness, and there are a few too many deaths for any to make a real impact.
Aldersey-Williams doesn't spend much time explaining why neon is inert, but he does explore the element's associations with American flashiness.
The Danish Pavilion's Speech Matters takes an opposite tack to the flashiness of "Gloria" or to the immersive installations favored by the UK (Mike Nelson's "I, Imposter"), Swiss (Thomas Hirschhorn's bombastic "Crystal of Resistance"), and other pavilions.
But what's worse is the product is overshadowed by the flashiness of the ad.
Latin dance is about fierce competition, overt flashiness, and exhibitionism.
He has, after all, built his career on skill, intelligence and dedication without a hint of the flashiness and glitz that surrounds so many others.
2010: Effects of flooding and riparian buffers on survival of muskrats (Ondatra zibethicus) across a flashiness gradient.