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Musical, with a clear, refined technique and a demeanor that favors restraint over flashiness, he appears to many the embodiment of the high classicist.
The term "self-taught," with its Abe Lincoln-reading-by-the-firelight stubbornness is emerging as a replacement for the James Dean flashiness of "outsider" to refer to the work of isolated, untrained artists bypassing the culture factory's conveyor belt.
We calculated flashiness indices (Robertson 1997) for constituent exports at Station 6 as the ratio of the mean export rate for a seasonal flow type (kg [h.
Since the conception sprang from the subtleties of the characters' motivations, rather than from any flashiness of gesture, the merits of this take on one of the central epics of the nineteenth century (the other is Faust) will not be instantly appreciated.
Evidence is building that some of the flashiness signals prime fathering quality.
Tourists on bikes, students on bikes, kids on bikes, businessmen on bikes ( bikers with nary a Lycra-clad thigh, aerodynamic helmet, wraparound shades or any sign of all-terrain, multi-geared flashiness.
And, in keeping with the flashiness of the makeovers, the CRT filter used for Ken's Drive-In was specially fabricated and "super-chromed" by Johnson Matthey's engineers and technicians.
Lucas is a gentleman who dresses in conservative suits and avoids the flashiness of a Nicky Barnes (Cuba Gooding Jr.
Rather tha flashiness, he chooses to rel ditional design from Edward and beautifully sung choralh familial arguments in Welsh,a never heard on the London st Carrie's War harks back tod the sentimental tearjerker r there is nothing wrong witht chance to take the whole fa play that should have univer and that is something to bew without reservation.
Subtlety (read neutral tones) was tossed right out and more-is-more flashiness A[degrees]- the trademark of this beach paradise - was given the go-ahead.
The four women took the name Soluna (sun and moon), to suggest a combination of hot flashiness and cool romance.
CORY HARRIS: Did his job very effectively and without any flashiness.