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Weibo users were baffled on how the bus driver managed to own two flashy vehicles while earning a minimum wage.
designer Jean Touitou has said that he's not a fan of flashy things and added that if he was a woman of 62-year-old, he would be very sad that after all those years of fighting for women, they have taken to prostitute fashion, Huffington Post reported.
The famed arrives o flashy c to-wit high w terrific 3 for the br a shame th What lit tle plot there is revolves What little plot there is revolves around a young woman who, after catching the eye of a circus worker at the big top, follows him into a surreal subterranean world.
He had Flashy Wings with Mick during my time working there, so there's no pressure
SHAKEN Swedish spies said they needed a flashy knees-up due to 'pressure'
Biologist Dr Jan Lindstr|m's research suggests it may pay females to wait until "dishonest" males who are not really potent have exhausted themselves in producing a flashy signal they cannot sustain.
Flashy Wings was crowned champion two-year-old filly back in 2005 but failed to get her head in front in three top-flight runs last year.
Try skewered meats and vegetables, a flashy Crab and Gruyere Nachos with Charred Tomato Salsa, a refreshing Mango Crush to go with spicy foods, and more.
In response to the two-dimensional thinness of flashy billboard architecture, while recognising the necessity to compete with it, this was built as a hybrid showcase/shop-front.
99) tells of a flashy flamingo teacher who invites everyone to share something special.
One is calm and weighted, another fiery and flashy.
The connections of leading Boylesports Irish 1,000 Guineas contenders Confidential Lady and Flashy Wings will wait until nearer the time before confirming their participation in the Curragh Classic.