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A flatfish observed in a trawl mouth would be either a fish that had been lying in the path of the trawl and is encountering the gear for the first time or a fish that had been herded previously by the sweeps.
There are several hundred species of flatfish in the order Pleuronectiformes (Robins & Ray, 1986).
Huw Thomas, Head of Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing at Cumbrian Seafoods, said "Our goal is to lead the market in terms of responsible and ethical sourcing of seafood and we have worked very closely with our suppliers, Flatfish, to launch these products.
It's easy to confuse fluke with other similar flatfish.
A new look at the fossils of primitive flatfish offer evidence that these fish--well-known for having both eyes on one side of their head--started out symmetrical and gradually evolved their one-sided trait.
In fact, flatfish growth can serve as a proxy for habitat quality (10).
The separate bag limit on marine flatfish is intended to allow anglers more opportunity for those species.
Cod are also caught during trawling for haddock, whiting, flatfish, shrimp and prawns.
According to importers, the prawns were kept with flatfish for two days after they were caught.
Two species of flatfish from southern California were evaluated for exposure to polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and DNA damage.
In The Gaudy Presence, 1999-2000, meanwhile, an ugly red flatfish rendered in lovely gestural brushwork splits in half to spill a full-color inner world that is at once gross and engrossingly beautiful.
The number of boats allowed for saury fishing in the North Pacific Ocean will be set at 232, while that for offshore trawl net fishing involving flatfish and others will be cut by 86 to 446, they said.