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I was only too glad to flatten myself against the wall, as the rustling fury strode past me into the lighted room with the open door.
When he had folded it into a number of layers, one over another, so that it was small in the palm of his hand, he began to flatten it between both his hands, and to eye Clennam attentively.
In this amusement they all took part by turns, except three or four fortunate individuals, who, having discovered a grating in the gate, which commanded a view of nothing, stared through it with the indefatigable perseverance with which people will flatten their noses against the front windows of a chemist's shop, when a drunken man, who has been run over by a dog- cart in the street, is undergoing a surgical inspection in the back-parlour.
Come in, Miss, for goodness do," she went on, opening a side door, and endeavoring to flatten her person against the wall to make the utmost space for the visitor.
She said: "I like swimsuits that don't flatten your bust and have a bit of support.
Innovative solutions are needed to develop an automatic system that will flatten the surface of the foot's complex geometry.
Wear a control body under a figure-hugging pencil skirt to smooth thighs and flatten the tummy.
The air tube being composed of a flexible material operative to allow an air tube segment opposite a tire footprint to flatten, closing the passageway and resiliently unflatten into an original configuration.
Middlesbrough Council has now carried out work to flatten the area.
In the tights a knitted woven sling cups the buttocks lifting and shaping them without flattening the natural curve and Secret Slimming technology is used to weave them fabric to again slim and smooth the thighs and flatten the tummy.
The 58-year-old put in plans to pull down Sir Terry's house because his firm wants to flatten her house for a new supermarket.
According to most theories, the spinning cloud of gas and dust from which a star arises should begin to flatten as a planet-forming disk of material takes shape.