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Fitch expects L Brands to produce negative mid-single digit comps in 2017, improving to flattish in 2018, before increasing to positive low single digits thereafter;
Ed Barnard's four wicket haul was full of effort and skill as well on a flattish wicket for seamers.
The two Wind Direction works have in common a flattish plane at top that stretches across the center void of the piece; on one it curls upward at the higher end, bringing to mind old-fashioned illustrations of a personified north wind blowing curlicues of cold air.
January gives the impression of a flattish market overall, albeit one with a resurgent remortgage sector.
3% MoM after a flattish performance in August (down 6.
KSE-100 Index closed the week flattish at 41,464pts, up marginal 0.
4 Roll the mixture into small, flattish balls and fry until golden brown and puffed up.
BASTION A Iron fence or railing B Tower at the angle of a fortification C Flattish club who am I?
Look out for flattish pale yellow eggs that are laid sheet-like, overlapping each other on the underside of box leaves.
Examples include uneven stock market activity; low gas prices not translating into as much consumer spending as predicted; geopolitical issues; high inventories; flattish GDP growth; and declining manufacturing output.
Moreover, real GDP growth is expected to remain relatively modest over the next few years, as the impact of fiscal restraint on private consumption is exacerbated by the effect of flattish oil production, as per the EIU.
Despite the strong performance of its core operations, head line profits for the first nine months of 2015 were flattish at P246.