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FLAUNT IT: Purple party dress from Red Herring, above, and, left, beaded dress from East DRESS TO IMPRESS: Sequin trim, one shoulder ruched dress, above, from Jane Norman and, left, maxi dress from Oli KNIT ONE: Knitwearfringed party dress from M&S DAZZLING: Silver brocade party dress from Olivia Rubin at House of Fraser and, left, sequin dress from Freemans LEG IT: Jacket, bloomers, lace leggings and boots from River Island PRETTY: Print dress from Apricot WRAPPED UP: Lace and satin dress, faux fur tipped coat from Primark GLAM IT UP: Baroque dress and accessories all by F&F at Tesco
2 : to show in a way that attracts attention <They like to flaunt their money.
Bishop Ignatius Kaigama, Catholic archbishop of Jos, said: "We in Africa talk about beauty of character, person and culture, and do not try to exhibit and flaunt our nakedness in a very immodest manner.
Flaunt means "to show off or proudly display something.
Young and old alike are fascinated by the unabashed, in-your-face rock 'n' roll lifestyle that the Osbournes willingly flaunt on screen.
He seemed lost at times, the direction of his life unclear, but then he could turn around and flaunt his prophetic conviction.
What Baseball should have done was monitor their officials the way it has always been done in football and basketball: watch them regularly, evaluate them, caution them when necessary, and, if they continue to flaunt their individuality, fire them.
The Flaunt set consists of bra, pounds 27, suspenders, pounds 15 and briefs, pounds 12, making a total of pounds 54, and that's without a computer.
THE first British woman to appear on the front cover of Playboy for 28 years has been unveiled as the model for an underwear collection - called Flaunt.
While women like Pamela Anderson make no secret of their silicon augmentations and teasingly flaunt their wares, breastfeeding mothers in some states can be arrested for indecent exposure if they nurse their children in public places such as restaurants or parks.
The South Sudanese model has skin described as dark as night-as most Sudanese do-and is unafraid to flaunt it, even if a driver once asked her if she would bleach it for $10,000.
IF you've got it, flaunt it in these sequin leggings, PS27 from Very.