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Kristof's white-man complex hit a low point when he decided to buy two Cambodian prostitutes their freedom (and flaunted his paternalistic compassion to Times readers over five consecutive columns) and returned a year later only to find that purchasing girls is not an effective method of combating sexual slavery.
With outthrust calves and pointed toes, contemporary monarchs in Britain, Austria, Saxony, and elsewhere flaunted scarlet heels in coronation portraits.
Luis Serrano flaunted elevation and quick impulses in his high-wire act, and with some success Carlos Guerra pitched bravura.
This particular body of work was represented only indirectly, by the second of the show's large installations--a gathering of wooden dollies, each underlit by a different-colored fluorescent light--whose title, Spectrum of Hackney Road, 2002-2003, flaunted its East End credentials.
The 22-year-old flaunted her newly-toned tum and pierced belly-button as she kicked off her new tour in Sunshine, Florida.
Saddam Hussein has flaunted and continues to flaunt not one but nearly 20 UN resolutions.
Further, the owner of the business would react in the same manner if a heterosexual employee flaunted his or her sexuality, as, for example, a female employee who insisted on wearing clothes that started too late and ended too soon.
RASTA wannabe Rachel Hunter looked dressed to kill last night - as she flaunted her skull and crossbones at a top Hollywood party.
2 -- 3 -- color; 2 -- color in SAC edition only; 3 -- ran in SAC edition only) Above, classic cars flaunted their vintage curves and chrome for paradegoers who lined the streets Saturday in Agua Dulce.
Unlike France's Marianne, America's Puritan Liberty flaunted no bare breasts, but the accentuation of her clothed but well-endowed buxomness left little for the imagination.
Its ferocious snout flaunted an extra chin-like projection called a rosette--ideal for grabbing and chomping big fish.
This is particularly true with secretive investments flaunted for their connection with 'prime banks' or 'wealthy investors,' which provide little or zero verifiable information.