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The actress flaunts her perky boobs in a turquoise kaftan embellished with silver sequins, the sheer material shows her nipples as she leaves her bra at home, the Sun reported.
2 : to show in a way that attracts attention <They like to flaunt their money.
Mark is clearly gifted, but he doesn't make others feel small or flaunt his success.
RING FOR ZA TAXI She flaunts gem CHARM AND JA LEG Keira wraps herself around James in the early hours yesterday
New York, Jan 14 ( ANI ): Evan Rachel Wood flaunts her body and her many tattoos in racy photos for Flaunt magazine's 13th anniversary issue.
Some recent brands try to imitate vodka by toning down any eccentricities; Broker's flaunts its differences, showcasing the assertive flavors of bark, roots and berries.
As far as the camera configuration goes, the smartphone flaunts a 13 MP Sony IMX214 sensor as the rear-facing unit with LED flash.
RING FOR A TAXI She flaunts gem CHARM AND A LEG Keira wraps herself around James in the early hours yesterday
The former Miss Ireland flaunts her sensational figure in the sexy underwear, which is exclusive to Debenhams and ultimo.
DeCourcy's clothing line flaunts styles that are sassy and daring, while embodying classic elegance and grace at the same time.
THE model and actress flaunts her figure in a skimpy Missoni bikini
Gary Lineker's fiancee Danielle Bux flaunts her assets|Entertainment[London{London, Aug 25 (ANI): Retire English footballer Gary Lineker's fiancee, Danielle Bux, is said to have flaunted her wares on a recent night out.