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The export market for flavored coffee is strong and growing; while export markets have an interest in flavorings for teas, it is not as strong as it is for flavored coffee.
This month, thirsty consumers will find Tampico Flavored Water Beverages in the water aisle of key retailers within several key markets throughout the U.
As long as there are flavored coffee drinkers who thirst for new creative flavors, we will create them, try as we might to replace the blue chip sellers.
Do you think sales of flavored coffee and tea will continue to grow?
The first flavored tea to gain popularity in Europe was Earl Grey.
Originally, Americans and Europeans were the largest consumers of coffees and flavored coffees.
The wildly popular (and Fair Trade Certified(TM)) Wild Mountain Blueberry(TM) flavored coffee will now be available all year long.
The savory, or ``cocktail'' flavored almonds include bacon, smoked, spicy Cajun, garlic and garlic herb.
Seven years ago, I was doing pretty much the same thing, writing an article on flavored coffee for this magazine ("The Changing Flavored Coffee Market", January, 1988).
Place your favorite fruit, like watermelon, peaches or pineapple, in a vacuum sealed bag with aromatic spices or flavored syrup and store the bag in the refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to eat.
For a healthy, light side dish, spray lettuce or cooked vegetables with olive oil or other flavored cooking sprays, then add red or white wine vinegar and other seasonings to taste.
Flavored coffee sales are still growing annually with no signs of leveling off.