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Alick too was come in, and was seated in his far corner, eating cold broad beans out of a large dish with his pocket-knife, and finding a flavour in them which he would not have exchanged for the finest pineapple.
It spoils the flavour o' the chine, to my thinking.
Whether this is always found in the water, and gives it its peculiar flavour and virtues, or whether its presence was merely incidental, I was not able to ascertain.
The hook reviews ways of measuring flavour and looks at ways flavour is retained and released in food
Taste and flavour expert, Quest (now owned by Givaudan) has devised the world's first chewing gum with flavours that extend and control flavour release in numerous new variations, allowing one or more quick flavour bursts as well as postponed and prolonged flavour delivery.
Flavour in Food Edited by A Voilley, P Etievant Published 2006 Hardback 320 pages Price: 135.
This book provides a state-of-the-art review of current understanding of the key stages of flavour perception for those working in the flavour field, whether in the academic or industrial sector.