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The missile's advanced guidance, fuzing, and warhead systems were deemed to have performed flawlessly.
This complete and unabridged audiobook production (6 hours on 5 compact discs) is superbly narrated by Tom Weiner and flawlessly recorded by Blackstone Audiobooks.
Beautifully produced and flawlessly recorded, "Lovely Baby Music Presents: The Famous Composer Series" showcases the music of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart for preschoolers.
Deftly read and flawlessly recorded for a fully creative and original presentation, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn carries readers through one of America's best loved and most enduring comedies set in the antebellum, slave owning south.
SAVAE (San Anstonio Vocal Arts Ensemble) blends its seven voices with pre-Colombian, African, and European instruments to recreate these flawlessly recorded selections which include: Hoy es dia de placer (2:03); Christus natus est (2:15); Serenissima una noche (3:20); Hanacpachap cussicuinin (3:05); Dame albricia mano Anton (3:30); Tarara yo soy Anton (3:34); Eso rigor e repente (3:16); Magnificat tertii toni (4:53); Conceptionem virginis Mariae (2:15); DXiochi, xiochi conetzintle (2:14); AQ siolo Flasiquiyo (4:18); En un portalejo pobre (2:49); Los coflades de la estrella (4:45); De carambanos el dia (3:29); and Convidando esta la noche (2:54).
Although loosely tethered to a Miami bass feel, the 26 diverse tracks--all flawlessly mixed and layered--also include sunny dancehall, classic techno, old-school electro (Cybotron's percolating "Clear," the basis of Missy Elliott's "Lose Control"), even the tart indie rock of Cat Power.
He was joined by jockeys Kent Desormeaux and Jimmy Winkfield, and the horses Skip Away and Flawlessly.
That performance was marred by the corps' inaccuracy in the militarily precise opening movement, but otherwise flawlessly danced.
AMD Fab 30 employees have flawlessly executed an aggressive production ramp while achieving exceptional results," said Hans Deppe, vice president and general manager, Fab 30.
FiberCity's private network has been operating flawlessly in the Mitsui Fudosan building since December, and currently serves over 20% of the building's 49 tenants.
Flawlessly and Serena's Song are the only two of the eight to fail to win a Breeders' Cup race.