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Some strange superstition must surround that polished blade, that no Oparian cared to chance a death thrust from it, yet gladly rushed to the slaughter of the ape-man's flaying spear.
But the two cases that were exceptional, put a mood of depression and fear into all the listening animals, such as humans might experience in an ante-room of hell, listening to the flailing and the flaying of their fellows who had preceded them into the torture-chamber.
I can hear him now, with that war- note in his voice, flaying them with his facts, each fact a lash that stung and stung again.
If I catch him,' said Squeers, 'I'll only stop short of flaying him alive.
The KUJ leaders, while flaying Sindh government for inaction in this regards, have demanded of the provincial government to take immediate action for the recovery of journalist who was abducted from area somewhere between Shikarpur and Larkana nearly a week ago.
Colwyn openers Patrick Leach and Dave Taylor unleashed a ferocious assault on the shell-shocked Ormskirk attack, flaying 51 off the first 22 deliveries.