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A note on divergent selection for total fleece weight in adult Angora rabbits: Direct response to selecton on total fleece weight at first and second harvest.
Strong resistance does not necessarily occur in with the best fleece weight, fibre diameter, body weight and fertility.
Effects of replacing 30% lucerne hay (in % of total dietary dry matter) with fresh citrus pulp for on greasy fleece weight, clean fleece weight, wool yield and staple length over 87 days 30% Fresh p-value Control citrus pulp SE (1) treatment Greasy fleece (g/[cm.
Growth intensity of lambs till weaning, exterior and fleece weight are also considered in animal selection.
The traits recorded as body weight performance at birth (BW), weaning (WW), six month (6MW), nine month (9MW), yearling (YW) and yearling fleece weight (YFW) were investigated.
The reduction in volume is a natural reduction due to the average fleece weights being down signifi-cantly compared to last year and a number of ewes sadly being lost during the harsh weather conditions in March.
Lower average fleece weights and a falling national flock are the main contributors to this smaller clip.