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Selection response to fleece weight, wool characteristics, and heritability estimates in yearling Romney sheep.
2013) reported that the heritability estimates of autumn fleece weight, spring fleece weight, and combined fleece weight were 0.
Divergent selection for total fleece weight in Angora rabbits: Correlated response in wool characteristics.
While the average variation in fleece weight is 10-12%, levels of worm-resistance vary by more than 100%.
05) by dietary nutrient concentration but, differences between treatments for greasy fleece weight, strength fiber and fiber efficiency (e.
Low estimates of heritability for growth performance traits such as birth weight, weaning weight, pre-weaning daily gain, post weaning daily gain, greasy fleece weight, weight at first service, age at first service and age at first laming in the given flocks of Kajli sheep are indicative of the presence of less additive genetic variance.
However, commercial breeders frequently use Romney or Romney cross ewes because of their good fleece weight and exceptional mothering ability.
The average autumn fleece weight (AFW), spring fleece weight (SFW) and combined fleece weight (CFW) were 1.
Genetic parameter estimates for lamb growth traits and greasy fleece weight at first shearing in Turkish Merino sheep.
Then on December 28, there is the West Falkland Ram & Fleece Show at Fox Bay, an annual ram and fleece competition with associated events such as fleece weight, sheep weight and sheep judging competitions.
From the above measurements, wool yield was determined as the proportion of greasy fleece weight to clean fleece weight (Langlands and Wheeler, 1968).
Growth intensity of lambs till weaning, exterior and fleece weight are also considered in animal selection.