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Preston threatened fleetingly and Neil Mellor fired over with 18 minutes remaining but neither side could find the winning goal.
The Lions lock's late 70-metre interception gallop fleetingly threatened an unlikely fightback as Wales chased a first win in the fixture since 1953.
Writing on his internet blog, he said that "frightened rabbit" Boyle had fleetingly felt like throwing in the towel to escape all the attention.
Countless others have done the same, O'Driscoll only fleetingly showing glimpses of what he could do years ago.
Runner-up The Cheka (4-1) fleetingly appeared to have the race in safekeeping once he breezed past the disappointing favourite, Cry Of Freedom, two furlongs from home.
The notorious piece by Marcus Harvey was fleetingly seen during a Visit London video to highlight the capital's cultural heritage, filmed in a gallery where it was on display.
In a statement, Visit London said: "This is a general three minute video of London in which an artwork by Marcus Harvey very fleetingly appears.
Quiet afternoons laden with little more than sunshine, a flat cricket square, two evenly matched teams and possibly a warm beer may offer a vision of an England which, regrettably, no longer exists, but armed with your copy of Wisden, it's possible to believe it does, however fleetingly.
In our more sober considerations we move beyond our arrogance and fleetingly accept the fact of our total physical and mental extinction.
England's unused World Cup striker Walcott has been used fleetingly by Wenger and Burley insists: 'I still think Theo went too early.
In the senior high school text, he is mentioned fleetingly as part of a lesson on the custom of lowering flags to half-staff at state funerals, like Mao's in 1976.