flesh and blood

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This tribe of Indians, who are represented as a proud-spirited race, and uncommonly cleanly, never eat horses or dogs, nor would they permit the raw flesh of either to be brought into their huts.
It is not because they consider us their equals that they are supposed to look with abhorrence upon those who eat our flesh," replied Ja; "it is merely that we are warm-blooded animals.
Abreast of the ape-man came the deer; a light-brown body shot from the concealing verdure of the bush, strong arms encircled the sleek neck of the young buck and powerful teeth fastened themselves in the soft flesh.
Several of those who examined her felt her flesh, pinching it gently between thumb and forefinger, a familiarity that the girl resented.
Afterward he returned to his cabin, and breakfasted off the flesh of Horta.
He tried to pull it out, but one way the flesh resisted the barbed lead, and the other way it resisted the feathered shaft.
She was a large, stout woman, always dressed slatternly and always tired from the burdens of her flesh, her work, and her husband.
It fascinated him, and he grew suddenly fond of this subtle flesh of his that worked so beautifully and smoothly and delicately.
But," said he, "we find that we can't cross this desert, which turns all living flesh that touches it into dust; so I have asked you to come and help us.
Thou wilt not take his flesh," says one of the young merchant's friends to Shylock.
the thing was struggling to its knees to reach for another morsel of flesh.
The flesh and the qualms of the flesh she was heir to, but the flesh bore heavily only on the flesh.