flesh and blood

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The priest offered the Mass to God, not the people; it was God's word and God's will that changed the bread and wine into Jesus, true flesh and blood.
Of course, their personalities are filtered through Achsa's writing, but she's apparently gifted enough with the written word to portray them as flesh and blood characters if that's what they were.
What better device to create a full, complex character than to have me cook and consume this dish, 're-embodying' the character in my own flesh and blood," she says.
And today, just as they have made a new child their son or daughter for life, with ties of love that are stronger than mere flesh and blood, so too have Christians been made children of God through adoption, again through ties of love stronger even than life or death.
Houses and other buildings in Grangetown are being used to film scenes from Flesh and Blood, the latest film from award-winning duo John Giwa-Amu and Caradog James.
Seated at a power desk in her spacious San Francisco office, she describes her latest project, My Flesh and Blood (directed by Jonathan Karsh), the Sundance award-winning documentary about disability that opens in November and is already generating Oscar buzz.
MY FLESH and Blood,'' which is on the Oscar short list for best documentary nominations, sounds, at least on the surface, like the kind of overly sentimental, greeting-card kind of story that you'd want to drive out of your way to avoid.
Watson, to his dubious credit, does not exempt his own flesh and blood from the application of his twisted principles.