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Indeed, the Christological focus of this suggestion provides a means by which fleshiness might be affirmed.
23) The ascetic appearance of the Virgin in the Girlhood of Mary and Ecce--so different from the fleshiness of the women in many of Dante Gabriel's other paintings--can be read as a sign of the Virgin's purity.
This intense focus on Divine's body in all its fleshiness demonstrates how the Peace Mission embraced not just individual bodies but also the material structures and worlds they inhabited.
Thomas Laqueur afirma que a fines del siglo XVIII los esquemas clasicos que identificaban al sexo femenino con la busqueda insaciable de la satisfaccion sexual se invirtieron por las nociones sicologicas que afirmaban el interes primordial de la mujer en los sentimientos y la compania: "The commonplace of much contemporary psychology--that men want sex while women want relationship--is the precise inversion of pre-Enlightenment notions that, extending back to antiquity, equated friendship with men and fleshiness with women" (3).
After an hour-long assessment of teams representing 17 different breeds, the Welsh Black five made it into the final shake-down but lacked the fleshiness needed to see off their Continental rivals.
A female cyborg (such as Laura) may not be able to survive without her body, since women have historically been defined by their fleshiness, but a male cyborg (Mino) can effectively disengage from parts of his body as do characters in fantastic literature, either through "il modo della fisica separazione, del disgiungersi, cioe, della parte somatica dall'interno" or by "il modo dell'autonomizzazione funzionale della parte" (Roda 6).
The unavailable figure became monstrous and undesirable through the transposition of fleshiness and in the mixture of animal and human parts.
You can get this style in wines labeled fume blanc, and they are a love letter to the succulent fleshiness and slightly buttery-vegetal flavor of avocados.